Woman sues Olive Garden after reportedly burning her throat on stuffed mushrooms

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Gotta say, I can relate to this story. Once my friend and I were watching Mad Men on Sunday night with our usual order of Thai takeout. I bit into a crab rangoon and the filling was, to date, the hottest (temperature, not spice) thing I have ever tasted. I got an immediate blister on the roof of my mouth. I had to walk around with an ice cube in my mouth for days, it hurt so much. I couldn’t eat anything else at all. And because the hotness was in the filling, there was no way to tell on the outside. Plus, it was takeout: How hot could it be? Pretty hot, apparently.


So I feel for this Texas woman who apparently also got singed by an appetizer: in this case, the stuffed mushrooms at Olive Garden. As The Fort Worth Star-Telegram relays this hellscape of a story: “When it was served to her, there was no warning that would indicate that the ‘mushrooms were particularly hot or (carried) the risk to cause severe burns,’ according to the lawsuit.” Unfortunately, a stuffed mushroom got lodged in her throat, and the woman “frantically shuffled through the restaurant in need of help,” finally vomiting in a kitchen station.

When she got home, the woman felt like her throat was closing up (possibly due to the burns), so she called 911 and went to the Burn Unit of Parkland Hospital in Dallas, according to the lawsuit. She is now seeking $200,000 to $1 million in damages; both her lawyer and Olive Garden declined to comment. Not sure how this case is going to turn out, but people: Assume all stuffed mushrooms are hot. And watch those appetizers: You are not about to starve, so please make extra sure everything you taste is at a reasonable temperature. Pizza burns are no fun, even if they’re not from pizza.

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I do feel for her but why the hell would you pop the whole thing in your mouth? stuffed mushrooms or anything fried tend to be at least somewhat scolding hot on the inside, wouldn’t you bite a bit of it to test? and if she did bite it why continue to swallow? or how does only a portion of a mushroom get stuck in your throat? So many questions I have for this one. Thai Rangoon on the hand always seem to burst out at you no matter where you bite them and they are usually hotter than the surface of the sun, I have taken to pulling them apart (filling be damn) to save myself the pain. They are the best rangoon though as the thai variant are the only ones I have found that use real crab and not Krab.