Woman who jumps behind Burger King counter to help cook is The Takeout's Employee of the Month

Photo: Roberto Machado Noa (LightRocket via Getty Images)

Customers who stopped by a Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida this week may have caught glimpse of a woman in street clothing who jumped behind the counter and started cooking. This story, according to CBS affiliate with totally badass URL ActionNewsJax.com, quotes a couple who claims a woman tired of waiting in line took matters into her own hands, jumped behind the counter, slapped on some plastic gloves, and began assembling Whoppers like a champ. The man who told ActionNewsJax then gave the kind of soundbite that has curls the toes of journalists: “She definitely, she had it her way. She didn’t even wash her hands.”


All this makes a fine story, except the truth probably isn’t as alluring as the legend. A Burger King spokesman told the station that the woman was an off-duty employee who jumped in to help ease the long wait. Which makes her The Takeout’s Employee of the Month—except Burger King decided to fire both the off-duty employee and a team member for “violating... company policy.” This is how your reward your employees for their gumption and work ethic? That’s cold, BK.

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