Woman scams Miami restaurants by saying she’s from 7News, reports 7News

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Screenshot: WSVN-TV

Here’s a headscratcher from our favorite state in the union, Florida: As reported by 7News, a woman posing as “Ms. Cinnamon” from 7News has now scammed two small, local restaurants: Zubi Fish House in Little Haiti “with delicious ceviche and snapper” and Butter Flakes Bakery in Tamarac, “a Jamaican restaurant known for its curry.”


Both times, the woman placed a large catering order allegedly for 7News, to be delivered to a hotel, telling the restaurant that they could get payment at the station itself. But when the restaurants’ delivery people arrived at the station, they discovered that no one at 7News had placed the order. A guard told Harry Sinclair of Butter Flakes Bakery, “This name sounds familiar. People always come here and ask for her, but she doesn’t work here.”

The story gets a little weirder. Yadira Perez from Zubi Fish House delivered the food to a woman in a hotel lobby. Later, she spotted the same woman on a surveillance video trying to take the food to a homeless shelter. Since the shelter did not know the woman or where the food came from, they refused the food. So maybe this prospective thief’s heart is in the right place, even though she’s going about this all the way wrong.

Can everyone guess the moral to this story? That’s right: Get a deposit. Or at least, a working credit card number.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


I’m honestly shocked that neither business wanted some concrete assurance of payment before delivering the food.