Wingstop is now permanently selling thighs [Updated]

At long last, someone is focusing on the tenderest, juiciest, richest part of the bird.

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wingstop replaced with thighs
Photo: Thighstop (Other)

Update, September 8, 2021: Apparently this experiment was a hit, because Wingstop has now added thighs to its own menu permanently, starting today. You can now order bone-in and boneless Thigh Bites along with the regular menu of wings, chicken tenders, sides, and dipping sauces.

“When launching Thighstop as a virtual brand, we knew our fans would be excited to try thighs,” Wingstop’s Chief Growth Officer Marisa Carona said in a press release. “The response was overwhelming, and guests wanted to enjoy both their favorite Wingstop wings and new mouthwatering thighs all at once. They asked, so we’ve answered – we’re bringing it all together by adding thighs to the Wingstop menu to amplify our full flavor experience.”

I’m all for it. After trying them out, I found that the thighs were satisfying, but I couldn’t see them replacing wings. They’re just a good supplement to wings for a more substantial meal, if you’re looking for more meat and less work. My advice is to go for the dry seasoning as opposed to a sauced-up version; there’s less mess and the flavor-to-meat ratio is better that way.


And yes, there are deals to be had, too. On Thursdays, Wingstop is featuring Thigh Thursday, where you can add Thigh Bites to any order for $4.49, or get a Thigh Bites meal for two, for $13.99.

I asked a representative if Thighstop was still going to be listed on delivery apps. Wingstop confirmed that Thighstop will stick around on DoorDash as its own virtual restaurant, but get this: You can add wings to your thigh order. Mind blown.


Original post, June 6, 2021: Until the chicken wing shortage comes to an end, you’re still going to see mentions of it in the news. Wing-based restaurants are looking for alternative solutions to help ease problems caused by fluctuation in supply and prices, and the most obvious is using the other parts of the chicken. After a testing period that started late last year, Wingstop is launching its own virtual restaurant, the creatively-named Thighstop, which will serve crispy chicken thighs.

As you might imagine, Thighstop is basically just Wingstop, except with thighs instead of wings. You can pick one of the 11 flavors on the menu and go for a bone-in or boneless option, according to a press release.


CNBC reports that, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, chicken wing prices were $2.72 per pound on average last week. That’s 20 cents higher than the same week a year prior. I’ve been seeing higher prices on wings at the grocery store too, in person.

I am here to extol the virtue of chicken thighs. While they may not have the same generous skin to meat ratio as a wing, thighs reward you with tender, juicy, and rich meat that’s usually pretty hard to overcook. In my mind, wings are better for a snack or as an option on a table full of finger food, while thighs position themselves as more of a meal. Obviously a thigh isn’t as conducive to dipping, but you know, you’ve got fingers. You can tear the thing up into bite-sized pieces.


Charlie Morrison, CEO of Thighstop, said in a statement, “Wingstop pioneered the concept of chicken wings as a center-of-the-plate item. Although Thighstop is in its infancy, we’ve been exploring bone-in and boneless thighs as center-of-the-plate options for some time now as a way to offer fans new ways to enjoy Wingstop’s bold, distinctive and craveable flavors.”

Thighstop opens today for delivery or carryout at or via DoorDash.