Why Prince Louis’ christening guests will be eating 7-year-old cake

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We cheered Prince Harry and the now-Duchess Of Sussex when they bypassed the traditional royal wedding fruitcake in favor of a lemon-elderflower concoction. But it turns out there’s a reason why previous royal couples have favored the alcohol-soaked creation: It keeps better.

The Daily Mail explains that when Prince William and Kate, Duchess Of Cambridge, got married seven years ago, their cake was made up of 17 fruitcakes. Per tradition, one of those layers is now served at the christenings of the couple’s children: Like George’s and Charlotte’s guests before them, witnesses to Prince Louis’ christening this week will also be served slices of the aged cake.

Here in the States, we’re familiar with the tradition of saving a layer of wedding cake in the freezer for the nuptial couple to enjoy at their first anniversary. Granted, those probably aren’t alcohol-soaked, but still: Do you know anyone who saved their wedding cake in their freezer? Would you eat it? (I think I did, and remember it as pretty crumbly.) After all, a few months ago, reports surfaced of royal watchers bidding extensive amounts on decades’ old cake, like a slice from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1981 nuptials was expected to sell for over a thousand dollars. No word on whether it was actually eaten, though.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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