The real reason no one eats on The Bachelor is kind of boring

Bachelor Matt James slurps a spaghetti noodle with a contestant
Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

As I fester here in late-stage quarantine, Bachelor Mondays are my ding dang raison d’être. Once a week, I spend two hours shrouded in a weighted blanket, screaming at the television and watching robotic humans ride four-wheelers and kiss and stuff. I’m a new member of Bachelor nation—this is the first season I’ve watched religiously—and I’ve found myself repeating a common refrain: Let. Them. Eat.


We’ve got a whole column dedicated to the fact that no one eats on The Bachelor. I’ve convinced myself that no one eats because the contestants, host, and the Bachelor himself are all made of wax—but it turns out that there’s a much more mundane reason for the lack of on-camera noshing.

Delish recently shared a video of Season 16 Bachelorette Tayshia Adams, who answered a few common questions about the show—including why you never see Bachelor contestants eating on their dates. “As far as The Bachelor goes, I know everybody is so concerned as to why we don’t ever eat the food on the dates,” Adams says in the video. “It’s generally because there’s cameras and mics and all that and it would be kind of hard to get your sound bytes while you’re chewing and eating.”

She confirms that the contestants aren’t being starved by maniacal producers. “We generally eat before the dates,” Adams says. “Sometimes the food looks kind of good and you want to poke at it, so that’s definitely happened.” There you have it. Nobody’s starving on The Bachelor—they’re just committed to making good television. Whatever. I still think they’re made of wax.

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I would have guessed continuity as the main reason. Since reality shows will usually piece together pieces of audio/video to help create a narrative, having food vanish and re-appear in a scene would look weird.