White Castle declares corn dogs are in season

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Image: White Castle

White Castle is the (self-proclaimed) authority on what customers crave, and with the changing of the seasons, they’re hoping that what America craves is a lot of sauce and batter. The new seasonal menu features a Sloppy Joe Slider, Mac N’ Cheese Nibblers, and Corn Dog Nibblers, because as a spokesperson for White Castle explained in a press release, “When it’s cold or dark outside, it just feels good to eat food with family and friends that makes you feel warm and cozy.”

It’s hard to argue with that reasoning. And it’s admittedly refreshing to see a fast food chain lean into the notion of “comfy” food rather than try to elevate it. But none of this answers our most pressing question: How do these Corn Dog Nibblers stack up in the relatively sparse landscape of fast food corn dogs? Are they sufficiently crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, with a dense and salty center? Can their 100% chicken interior favorably compare to the flavor and texture of an all-beef hot dog? Are they palatable at room temperature once you’ve driven them home, or is this entire seasonal menu more of an eat-in-the-car-immediately situation? We have all winter to find out.