Last Call: Where should a beer drinker eat in Denver?

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I’ll be flying to Denver bright and early tomorrow—actually, so early that it won’t be bright—to attend the annual Great American Beer Festival. I think this will be my fourth year attending, and every year, I’m still overwhelmed by the sheer scale: Roughly 60,000 people attend, and more than 800 breweries show up to pour their beers. It works out to roughly 7,500 kegs—yow.


I always return simultaneously exhausted and energized by all of it. I’m inspired by the incredible beers I drink, and I always discover new and unique breweries or beer styles I want to learn more about.

But I do need a break from the beer every now and then while I’m down there. So, where else should I eat while I’m in town? I’ll add the caveat that I mostly have to stick near the area around the Colorado Convention Center, as that’s where the festival and most ancillary events take place, but I do try to break away to check out other restaurants and bars that people recommend. I’m always in search of a good bowl of ramen, so give me your best recommendations, please. I have most of the beer bars already in my regular rotation, but I want to hear your favorite under-the-radar Denver gems.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


I’m sure you’ve been to Falling Rock Tap House, but on the off chance you haven’t, go.

10 Barrell Brewing might be the best actual brewery restaurant downtown. It’s up in RINO.

My Brother’s Bar makes a great, affordable burger you can customize with bison and/or jalapeno cream cheese. And their onion rings are great.

Stoic and Genuine in Union Station is a bit upscale, but they do great seafood.

Williams & Graham, a speakeasy, and their sister bar, The Occidental, a punk bar are across the highway, and both are amazing.

And just because, I’ll shout out my super local brewery, Zuni Street Brewing. They’re great about getting a good mix of food trucks.