When kids take control of the menu, it’s French fries and pizza

“Why don’t we cook a really fantastic meal that was curated by children? Let’s be real: that’s the best food all the time.” —Stephanie Potakis

Over the many, many weeks that Stephanie has been hosting What’s In The House?, our quarantine cooking program, she has amassed a fan base of viewers both old and young, novice and semiprofessional. On today’s episode, she has chosen to honor the recipe requests of her littlest audience members, which is why her lunch today consists of pizza, French fries, and lime bubble water.


Bobby, Ari, and Emily (ages 7, 5, and 3) have suggested a true meal of champions. Pizza and fries might sound a bit cacophonous, but when you think about it, what good reason do we have not to wed these two American classics more often? (All the better if you sprinkle Parmesan atop the entire plate.) Lime bubble water, meanwhile, is the perfect refresher to cut through all those salty carbs. Prepare this lunch menu for yourself sometime this week. May your ketchup bottles keep their flatulence to a minimum.

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E=MC Hammered

Whenever my kids—who, let’s be real...are decidedly NOT normal—get to choose what we’re having for dinner, my youngest (8) always chooses lamb chops, sauteed brussels sprouts with pancetta, and quinoa. Oldest (10) chooses “seafood smorgasbord,” which is a dish we made up that is basically everything from the seafood counter of the grocery store sauteed in white wine garlic sauce and tossed with linguine and parmesan.

While they will certainly eat typical “kid” food like chicken strips and french fries, I never cooked separate food for them and always encouraged them to ignore the kid’s menu when we went out, so they don’t just default to that automatically.