Last Call: What's your favorite food-related YouTube channel?

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Something I recently learned about my mother is that she loves, loves, loves YouTube. I’ve known she liked YouTube, I just didn’t know to what extent. The last time I went to see my parents my mom whipped out the iPad, we bonded over some of her favorite channels, and a few of them were about food. Before I knew it, a few quality hours had gone by and it was time for me to go home.


I just texted mom to ask her what her favorite is, and she particularly likes Paik’s Cuisine. This is his most popular video and it’s about about kimchi jjigae (don’t worry, if you click on closed captioning it’ll translate for you):

I watch YouTube food shows too. I like First We Feast for their mix of pop culture and food, Mythical Kitchen, Kwon’s Corner (he’s hilarious), Maangchi, and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s channel. But there’s so much food-related content on YouTube that it’s hard for me to figure out what’s good and what isn’t, and I could use some more ideas to check out while I eat my work-from-home lunches. What food-related channels do you subscribe to on YouTube that I can add to my list?

[By the way, I asked my mom if she would like to star in a YouTube channel with me and she said no.]

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¿Donde está la biblioteca?

How To Cook That needs a shout here. Ann Reardon’s been doing what a lot of wee bloggers with too much time on their wee hands should have been doing for the past ten years (glares) and exposing a lot of the fakery and bullshit from content farms like Blossom and those tuppeny slags at 5 Minute Crafts and So Yummy. Plus, she’s the only one to have had a drag parody which she personally commented on - and she loved it...

Disclaimer - drag-Ann is a bitchy fucker and no I’m not Australian...

Let’s head north for a minute and to Seoul and to the fun world of Aaron and Claire. Best way to describe these two - Aaron does the cooking, Claire does the eating. Simple. As. That. Aaron’s pretty funny (and his wee suggestions about ingredients are pretty good) and Claire just wants to be fed. I’m Team Claire...

Pasta Grammar is a relative newcomer but, oh my god, their videos are brilliant. Harper’s a Yank, Eva’s Italian, and Harper insisting that she try American (and especially American takes on Italian cuisine) are borderline hilariously evil. Come for the “Mac and Cheese”, revel in the simple joys of how to use up left-over pasta, stay for Eva’s very-Italian reaction to American food...

Oh, and by the way - Eva’s bringing out a cookery book and the recipes for her (seriously gorgeous) recipes are on the video descriptor bit. My favourite? This bad boy. Mr Biblioteca and I made both of them and they are superb.

My aunt made the lasagna alla Napoletana for my very-Italian grandmother? My Grandmother wept with joy...