What’s your state’s favorite sandwich?

Hellooooooo, Maine!
Hellooooooo, Maine!
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Hey, guess what? Insider has gone ahead and created another list that we can fight over. Because that’s what we all need this fine Monday morning. This one is “the most iconic sandwiches in every state.” Insider did not describe its methodology for choosing these sandwiches, and the list is in the form of a nearly 12-minute video, so sorry Wyoming. (Well, okay, you could also skip ahead.)


Some of the selections are of the no-duh variety: pork tenderloin for Indiana, loose meat for Iowa, Cuban sandwich for Florida, burnt ends for Missouri, hot chicken for Tennessee, Philly cheesesteak for Pennsylvania. Others show some appreciation of local culture: runza for Nebraska and fry bread taco for Arizona. (For the record, both Carolinas get pulled pork; South Carolina is distinguished by gold sauce.) Other choices are more suspect: Is the Tillamook cheese factory reason enough to make grilled cheese the favorite sandwich of Oregon? Is one sandwich at one sandwich shop—the Bobbie at Capriotti’s—truly representative of the entire state of Delaware? If you don’t believe hot dogs/sausages or burgers qualify as true sandwiches, you’ll also take issue with a few of the choices. But isn’t that really the point of these lists anyway?

Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.



Okay here’s the list. The rest of you can rank it!

Alabama – pulled chicken with white BBQ sauce

Alaska – reindeer hot dog

Arizona – frybread taco

Arkansas – fried baloney sandwich

California – In’n’Out Burger (double-double, on a bun or lettuce wrapped)

Colorado – Fool’s Gold Loaf (PB&J with bacon, hero/sub/hoagie style sandwich)

Connecticut – original steamed hamburger

Delaware – Capriotti’s Bobbie sandwich (turkey, cranberry + stuffing)

Florida – Cuban sandwich

Georgia – pimiento cheese sandwich

Hawaii – kalua pork sandwich

Idaho – PB & Huckleberry jam sandwich

Illinois – Italian beef sandwich

Indiana – pork tenderloin sandwich

Iowa – loose meat sandwich

Kansas – Z-Man sandwich, Joe’s KC (brisket, provolone, onion rings, BBQ sauce)

Kentucky – Hot Brown

Louisiana – Po’boy (seafood)

Maine – lobster roll

Maryland – fried softshell crab sandwich

Massachusetts — Fluffernutter

Michigan – Coney dog

Minnesota – Juicy Lucy

Mississippi – fried catfish sandwich

Missouri – burnt ends sandwich

Montana – pork chop sandwich

Nebraska – Runza (beef and cabbage stuffed baked bun)

Nevada – patty melt

New Hampshire – Monte Cristo (with maple syrup???)

New Jersey – Pork Roll / Taylor ham sandwich (with egg and cheese; a breakfast sandwich)

New Mexico – green chili cheeseburger

New York – Bagel with cream cheese and lox

North Carolina – pulled pork sandwich (both Eastern and Western style)

North Dakota – Hot beef sandwich (sliced roast beef with mashed potato and gravy, on white)

Ohio – Polish boy (a kielbasa with coleslaw, French fries and BBQ sauce)

Oklahoma – Chicken Fried Steak sandwich

Oregon – grilled cheese

Pennsylvania – Philly Cheesesteak (“wit”)

Rhode Island – hot weiner dog (basically a coney)

South Carolina – pulled pork sandwich with gold sauce

South Dakota – Pheasant sandwich

Tennessee – Hot chicken sandwich

Texas – brisket sandwich

Utah – Pastrami burger (cheeseburger with a slice of pastrami)

Vermont – “Vermonter” sandwich (smoked turkey, cheddar, apple and honey mustard)

Virginia – Country ham sandwich

Washington – Banh Mi

West Virginia – pepperoni roll

Wisconsin — Brats

Wyoming – bison burger