What’s the best way to tell if raw chicken has gone bad?

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With most foods in the fridge, spoilage is easy to detect. Mold blooming on raspberries or wilted, browning lettuce is a dead giveaway, for example. But it’s less obvious when other items go bad—and raw chicken might be the most inscrutable of all. Since it’s got kind of a drab color, it’s hard to tell whether it has lost any color due to expiration. And while some foods grow sticky on the surface as they spoil, raw chicken is always kind of sticky. So, when does chicken go bad, and what does that look like? We consulted poultry experts, food scientists, and the National Chicken Council to get answers to our questions and avoid unnecessary food waste. You can read our full investigation here.


President Zod

You know chicken has gone bad when it starts staying out all night, and stuff is missing from the spice drawer.