What is your cat’s favorite treat?

Cats have lots of surprising, unexpected favorite foods that aren’t necessarily cat food.

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Photo: Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance (Getty Images)

This is a very special weekend for my fiancée and me: we’re getting kittens! After a couple of months with an empty nest, we’ve agreed to take on a pair of baby cats from a farm, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our last two cats, Nugget and Cricket, couldn’t have been more perfect and quirky in the best of ways, and both had unique food preferences.


Nugget loved instant ramen noodles, and if you dangled one in front of his face, he would happily eat it little by little as you lowered it into his mouth. It was like a cartoon, and it was hilarious. (Don’t worry, this was not something we gave him often.) Cricket, on the other hand, loved sweets and all things bready or carb-filled. I only discovered this shortly after I got her and found an entire loaf of bread lying on the floor with bite marks going through the packaging. If we had doughnuts, she’d come galloping over like a tiny horse to try to guilt us into offering her a morsel.

So, cat people: Beyond regular old cat treats, do any of your furry companions have a weird food obsession that they’ll wrestle you over?


Noisy Pip

Plastic. All day, every day, when I forget and leave any thing wrapped in plastic around for him to chew on. He does eat it, too, which results in lots of frustrating messes to clean up. His favorite plastic is the toilet paper wrap, which he only gets to when I forget to firmly shut all bathroom doors.

Outside of that, my SO has given them tiny bites of steak in the past and now they know what it is and aggressively twine between our feet and sometimes try to swipe it directly off the plate on the rare occasions when we indulge.

In summary, cats are assholes, but I love their furry faces all the same.