Welcome to The Takeout’s new homepage

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Image: Niklas Storm / EyeEm (Getty Images)

In its three-plus years of existence, The Takeout has always aimed to grow, change, adapt, and remain exactly the type of website you want to visit each day. Most days, that means finding and recommending the best chicken sandwiches and tracing the line of history from George Foreman to the air fryer. Other days, it means using the wonders of technology to create a new and better reading experience for our audience. Today is the latter, friends: The Takeout has a spiffy new homepage for your scrolling pleasure.


First off, a few reassurances: most everything besides the homepage is staying the same! Your ability to comment on stories is not changing, nor is the way that you navigate around the site. We’re just altering the way that articles are presented so that you always have more to discover.

The biggest change in our new look is that you can see more of our stories at once, and they’re all organized by topic. Our latest recipes, for example, are all nestled together in one convenient module. Are you here to read about all the food that didn’t get eaten on The Bachelor? Simply scroll down to our “Food On TV” section to catch up on our recaps. Wondering what to pick up for lunch today? Our list of recent Taste Tests ought to help. In all cases, you can click “Show All” on the right-hand side of each section to see more stories in that category.

Our more frequent readers might prefer popping in a few times a day just to see what’s new, and there is an easy way to do that: by clicking “Latest” in the top navigation bar, where you’ll find all the most recently published stories in one list.

When we’ve got a particularly exciting story to share with you, we’ll occasionally add in a big marquee space up at the top in order to feature it. Right beneath that big block, everything else will be in its normal place.

As always, we want to hear from you! Comment below or email us at hello@thetakeout.com. Let us know what’s working and what’s not, and we’ll continue working to provide the most delicious reading experience possible.



I will simply bookmark thetakeout.com/latest and use that. I hate the new GMG design that is working its way through all the sites (this is essentially the Gizmodo design).

It reminds me of the Serious Eats redesign from a few years back. It completely changed the nature of that site - it stopped being a place to check on regularly as you didn’t get that endorphin hit of new content. It was better for them financially (it changed them from a community to a resource, which was better for advertising) but killed what they were.

For an example of how this works against you is your Drinkery subsite. The top section (pretty much all you can see when you first navigate to the section) is full of old content (some from 2019!) while new content is relegated to a section under multiple advertising and section breaks. If someone is interested in the drinking stuff, they would assume it’s been as abandoned as The Salty Waitress (which may sadly be furloughed due to COVID, but which is essentially archived content at this point).

GMG has done a little better in that you have a “Latest” feed that replicates the old ways, but I’d be interested to see how it affects engagement on smaller stories that will not get called out in the top editorial box (for instance, Newswire on the home page has no pictures to grab your attention). They are effectively “hidden”. Of course, maybe this is an indication that there will simply be less (but more in depth) content.

Every site has to do what is needed to keep the lights on, so I don’t begrudge any of this - just not my personal cup of tea.