We try the new Firework Oreos, just in time for Memorial Day

Welcome back to Mailbag, a series about the sometimes weird, sometimes fun stuff we get in the mail. Today, we’re starting the three-day weekend off with a bang by trying the new Firework Oreos. The new Oreos taste essentially the same as the original cookie, but the filling is embedded with red and blue popping candy, as if someone dumped a dozen packets of Pop Rocks into a vat of creme at the Oreo factory. Editorial director Josh Modell received a package of the new cookies and brought them to Mailbag to share with the rest of us.



Waffles & Syrup, Mint, and Birthday Cake Oreos actually tasted pretty good, but the Peeps Oreos and Swedish Fish Oreos tasted terrible. Overall, I'm getting sick and tired of all of these different flavored Oreos, though. I can't wait until the day people realize their folly and return to the true superior creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie, Hydrox. Hail Hydrox!