We taste wood-flavored ice cream with Legit’s Dan Bakkedahl

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Dan Bakkedahl, who you may know from Legit, Veep, and last year’s The Heat, came by the A.V. Club offices recently to taste the Winter Woods Collection from Jeni’s Ice Cream. Not only did Jeni’s send us an assortment of pints to try, but they also sent a card with J. Peterman-esque descriptions for each flavor, like Cedarwood Vanilla, which is supposed to evoke “the smell of a cashmere sweater on a nice man.” Rounding out the Winter Woods flavors are Oregon Fir, Black Walnut Divinity, and Birch + Marshmallows, the last of which doesn’t appear to be available anymore. Here’s the tasting session, with Dan Bakkedahl, Erik Adams, and me:

Sorry about the intense hiss in the audio. Rest assured that multiple people were fired. To make up for it, we’ve got bonus footage! (Which also has an intense hiss in the audio!) Before the tasting got underway, Dan got off on a tangent about the worst jobs he’s had in his life, and luckily the cameras were already rolling:

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I worked for this company for a year- when you are in their shops you are required to memorize the Bull-shit "J. Peterman-esque descriptions." We would recite the pretentious stuff to then have the costumers would always come back with practical descriptions- like "Ya-lang-Ya-lang" tasted like shampoo, and the "Wildberry Lavender" tastes like tutti-fruity!
Thank you this made my day-!! I nearly fell out of my seat laughing!