Wildly popular podcast Welcome To Night Vale centers on life in Night Vale, a fictional town where life is both weird and wonderful, a delicious buffet of the secret police, glow clouds, and evil librarians. Who better, then, than the Night Vale gang to taste test some of SpaghettiOs’ newest and most disgusting-sounding products with The A.V. Club? Stopping by the office on a recent tour stop in Chicago, Night Vale co-creator Joseph Fink was joined by cast members Meg Bashwiner, Cecil Baldwin, and Symphony Sanders as they partook in a delicious mélange of canned “Beefy TacO,” “Cheesy PizzaO,” and cheeseburger-flavored kiddie chow—plus both a meatball-centric control and a horrific-sounding suicide of all the flavors, because we always do that. It was both gross and hilarious, with Fink coming away from the experience as The A.V. Club’s first legitimately injured Taste Test guest following a run-in with a sharp and ill-placed can lid. Here’s hoping his cut didn’t get infected.

Welcome To Night Vale is available twice a month as a podcast and will be available in adapted book form this October via Harper Perennial.


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Monte Hellman's Mayonnaise

Of all the gross, overly processed crap that you can get in the U.S., I find Spaghetti-O's and Chef Boyardee probably the least offensive. They taste of preservatives and the meatballs kind of taste like play-doh, but it's still waaaay better than, like, Pop Tarts.