Water-filtering system claims it could make any pizza taste like New York’s

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Many lucky pizza fans have enjoyed the splendor of the New York City slice, a large, greasy, thin-crust triangle best eaten while folded in half vertically. Now at this week’s Pizza Expo in Vegas, The New York Post reports that a New Jersey company is pushing “a water-filtration system that promises to improve any out-of-town restaurant’s food quality by making its local water taste as good as NYC tap water. It will do so by matching the molecular makeup of Big Apple water.”


We like that apparently the first thing this manufacturer thought of when improving water quality was to recreate NY pizza. Paul Errigo, chief executive of New York WaterMaker, points to other possibilities for coffee and beer as well. In the meantime, Mike Burke, owner of a pizzeria in Brick, New Jersey, tried the system and confirms that it works: “After using the filtration system, he can’t tell the difference in quality between his two locations. ‘We couldn’t make our dough in Brick without New York water.’”

While the possibility of New York pizza everywhere is appealing, it’s a bit expensive, likely headed for professional pizza-makers only: The system costs $2,890 a year. But some NY pizza fans might say that’s still a bargain.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


It doesn’t appear that the water matters that much:


But on a hobbyist level, if someone cared enough it’d be easy to get RO water and build up the mineral profile to NY water.