Watch this man, whose family likely has hopes and dreams for him, eat 8 sticks of butter

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube
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We don’t know much about the personal details of the man who goes by L.A. Beast. But let’s make some broad assumptions, based only on his proper syntax, grooming, and seemingly lack of sociopathic tendencies: Mr. Beast was likely brought up in a happy household, with family members who love him very much. His parents probably had hopes and dreams, who instilled into him values and empathy, and wants nothing more than their son to live his best possible life.

Anyway, here he is eating eight sticks of butter on YouTube:

Mr. Beast claims to have broken a record held by competitive eater Don Lerman, who in 2002 downed seven sticks of butter in five minutes. Lerman’s feat still stands as the official record on Major League Eating’s website, but as the above unsanctioned video shows, L.A. Beast was able to consume eight sticks in just over three minutes. We did some calculations based on Land O’Lakes nutritional facts—eight sticks of butter equals to 26,500 calories and 2.8 kilograms 6,400 calories and 704 grams of fat. [Corrected] If you see this man please offer him a hug.

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

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Alternate math? Your link shows 11g of total fat per serving, 32 servings per pound. 32 servings*11 grams*2 pounds = 704 grams. Which makes sense because 1 kilogram is slightly heavier than two pounds of butter...