Wait, you can order a McAffogato?

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Ah, affogato. So simple, so delicious: Ice cream, usually vanilla, with a shot of espresso poured over the top. From there, you can add toppings if you really want. Chocolate-covered coffee beans. Shaved chocolate. Whipped cream. Biscotti. Berries. Caramel. Hazelnuts. It’s a hell of a canvas, but damn, it’s good all on its own. And as it turns out, you can order it at McDonald’s.


Well, you can if you’re in Birmingham (the U.K. one, not the Alabama one), though you probably can’t call it that. The Birmingham Mail reports that there’s a bit of a fad amongst the local police, who, on late night shifts, have taken to ordering vanilla milkshakes with a shot of espresso and pouring the latter over the former.

The Mail’s report describes the treat as a “secret menu item” and also originally called for a McFlurry, not a milkshake, but the Twitter account UKCopHumour (very specific) reached out to the reporter for a correction. The manager of the account claims to have invented the term, though we must note that we found uses as far back as 2012.

Here is concrete proof that the chain isn’t opposed to the idea, though here it’s a sundae, not a shake. From January 2017:

Whether it’s an official “secret” menu item or not, color us intrigued. We’ll report back if (let’s be honest, when) we try it.

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McDonalds around here had banners up telling you about the Affogato you could order. It may be off the menu now but it was certainly there for a long time: