Let no one say that this restaurant doesn’t have vegan dessert options

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I have myself gone vegan (well, mostly vegan... ish) a number of times in my life, and it really does make you feel great. It’s good for the environment and, if you focus more on what you can eat than what you can’t, it’s a very delicious lifestyle. But even in 2019, restaurants don’t always know the best way to accommodate a vegan diet, and when they don’t stick the landing, they end up falling flat on their face. Such was the case at whatever restaurant this Twitter user went to last week.


What takes this already hilarious dessert to the next level is the lilliputian slice of banana. The kitchen could have cut a sizable chunk to make the banana look like a tiny birthday cake, or perhaps even given her the whole banana. But they didn’t. They gave her just enough banana to support one solitary birthday candle. This appears to be a kitchen staff that either doesn’t want to take any dietary chances or is sending the message that if you want a complimentary slice of vegan birthday cake, you need to go to a vegan restaurant. Otherwise, eat your birthday banana and your vegan chocolate sauce and enjoy.

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I applaud this kitchen. If you have dietary restrictions and a place doesn’t normally have an option for those restrictions, don’t expect them to come up with something on the fly. Seems like this was a pretty well received joke!

Don’t get me wrong, kudos to a kitchen that will pull something off, just don’t expect it to happen.