Illustration for article titled em/emCentral Michigan University swaps parking tickets for food donations
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Here’s a downright inspired idea, especially during the holiday season. Anyone who has been issued a parking ticket on the campus of Central Michigan University since November 19 can donate non-perishable food to get that ticket reduced or eliminated, up to $35. Proceeds go to the CMU food pantry. In doing so, the CMU police department is taking a page from some local libraries that follow this “Food For Fines” practice.


Parking Services Specialist Bree Ring tells NBC25News in Saginaw that with the “Food For Fines” program, “it’s a lot nicer having people coming with smiles getting money off their ticket rather than angry that they have a ticket. If it goes well, we’re hoping we can do this a couple times a year.” Hear, hear! There are few things dumber and more annoying than a parking ticket, and this is a helpful way to encourage people to be generous. Another one of those “oh, that’s nice” ideas that deserves to go widespread.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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