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The era of the milkman has been on the decline for decades, but one company in London isn’t ready to say goodbye. Dairy giant Milk & More is attempting to bring customers into the milk-delivery fold with an unconventional offer: beer pairings. (What else?)


Having relaunched its delivery services last year with a new fleet of electric vans, Milk & More is now making good on its “and more” promise in a new way, according to the Evening Standard. Bottles of lager, pale ale, and brown ale can now be delivered to your doorstep right alongside the milk and assorted food products offered by the company. Except, at 0.5% ABV, the beer is virtually non-alcoholic, meaning this promotion might be just as effective as, say, the company’s promotional hashtag, #DoorstepMagic.

But Milk & More might not need to woo customers with booze at all: The Evening Standard notes that a combination of environmental concerns about plastic and plain old nostalgia could be responsible for U.K. milk delivery’s jump from 800,000 households to 1 million in the past two years. That really does sound like some #DoorstepMagic.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.

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