Smile with your eyes: Tyra Banks just launched SMiZE Cream

Tyra Banks on the red carpet
Photo: NICK AGRO (Getty Images)

America’s Next Top Model fans have been scouring their local grocery freezers since supermodel Tyra Banks teased her very own ice cream brand back in 2019. Now, People Magazine reports that the pints are finally hitting the market. Banks’s signature SMiZE Cream is available in six mouth-watering flavors: “Brownies, I Love You,” “Caramel Cookie Queen,” “Strawberry BirthYAY! Cake,” “Purple Cookie Mon-Star & Me,” “Salted Caramel King,” and “The Best Vanilla I Ever Had.”


In case you’ve managed to avoid the ANTM universe since, oh, 2003, “smizing” refers to smiling with your eyes. It’s how models manage to nail that piercing gaze in pictures. When I try it, I look like Hannibal Lecter.

People reports that the ice cream brand has been a long time coming for Banks. “Ice cream makes me happy. I used to bond with my mama [while eating it],” Banks says. “We used to go to Häagen-Dazs on Friday nights and sit in the car and I’d eat my coffee ice cream and she’d eat her chocolate and we talk about everything.” Banks actually started concocting plans for SMiZE Cream 15 years ago—but, as People reports, “decided to shelve it for a myriad of reasons.” Then in 2020, SMiZE cream was set to be one of many attractions at Banks’s ModelLand theme park, which has yet to open due to the pandemic. But now the pints will be available in California’s Santa Monica Place, the future home of Banks’ first SMiZE Cream shop. And soon enough, there’ll be smize-ing from sea to shining sea: online delivery is scheduled to launch later this year.

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Our family sometimes has smize contests at the dinner table. No smile. You have to SMIZE! It’s hilarious.