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You’ve heard of ideas so simple and dumb that they just might work? Exhibit A: Two California kids reportedly plotted to get an adult to buy them beer by stacking one atop the other’s shoulders, wrapping themselves in a trenchcoat, and impersonating a detective.

SFGate reports a neighbor posted of an encounter with the kids in the Nextdoor community forum website for the Pacifica and Daly City neighborhoods, saying the “detective” approached him outside a convenience store in Daly City and asked him to buy beer. The “detective” explained he couldn’t purchase it himself because he’d left his ID at his detective agency. Obviously. This isn’t the first time kids have tried this—just watch this unsuccessful attempt to sneak two people into a Black Panther screening:


Again, the kids’ hopes were dashed. The man said it was clear that the “detective” was, in fact, a kid perched on another kid’s shoulders wrapped in a trenchcoat, so he declined to buy them alcohol. Kids, come on: Rule number one of a successful impersonation is a fake mustache and monocle, and perhaps a McLovin’ ID.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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