Totino’s brings back Pizza Stuffers, another reason to burn your mouth

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Graphic: Flavia Morlachetti (Getty Images)

The last time Totino’s Pizza Stuffers were out in the wild was in 2014, but now they’re reappearing in your supermarket’s frozen section. In case you’re one of the people who’s been rooting for a comeback as passionately as Beefy Crunch Burrito Movement fanatics have been for their Flamin’ Hot Frito-stuffed burrito, this is your time to rejoice. There’s a similar fandom for these things, big enough that there’s a Facebook group petitioning for their revival.

But...what are they? According to Delish, they’re basically pizza rolls in a more empanada-like shape and crust, though the photo on the box does make them look suspiciously more like Uncrustable crustless sandwiches. Personally, I have zero recollection of them, but a Pizza Stuffer sounds like an excuse to eat a lot more filling in multiple bites rather than the current single-bite situation in which you immediately get second degree burns.

What you are all missing out on, if you’re not from Chicago, are what we call pizza puffs, which is a different spin on a pizza roll. It’s a very regional food, as in, beyond about an hour’s drive of Chicago, they start disappearing from menus. I’d describe them more like pizza chimichangas than empanadas. They begin as a flour tortillas filled with pizza toppings, which are folded into a rectangular shape, then deep fried until golden brown. While you can find them in the freezer section, the best place to get them is at mom and pop hot dog stands around the city. I love them.


If you’ve been waiting for these Pizza Stuffers to come back, you better go out and snag a box or ten since they might be a limited time release.