It's National Fast Food Day, and the Big Ten Network wants to see some brawls

Hands holding cheeseburger over fast food meal
Photo: Alexander Spatari (Getty Images)

Competitive athletics is all about knockin’ heads and takin’ names. Fast food rankings encourage the same approach, at least among those of us with strong feelings about pretzel buns. Well, fast food tastemakers, today is officially National Fast Food Day, which means it’s our time to shine. To celebrate, the Big Ten Network tweeted out a map of “regional favorite” fast food chains across the Big Ten region.


We’ll leave you to peruse the ensuing comments on your own time, but needless to say folks are pret-ty opinionated—particularly about Sbarro’s inclusion, which does seem... questionable. While some of the chains are pretty universal (we’ve all been to a Jimmy John’s), others are hyper-specific, like Runza. Of course, we all know the true winner here, and it is Culver’s. Do you disagree? [Ed.: Yes. It’s obviously Portillos.] If you live in the Big 10 region and feel strongly about these selections, go ahead and sound off. Let the battle royale (with cheese!) begin.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Culver’s > Portillo’s. You can get better Italian Beef and hot dogs than they sell at Portillo’s in a great many places, but Culver’s has the best fast-food burgers. Also, custard. The Chocolate Cake is good, but the serving is much too large.  A frozen custard cone is just the right size dessert.