Too bad, Dad: A1 Steak Sauce candles already sold out for Father’s Day

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The unusual-yet-familiar-food-scented candle isn’t exactly groundbreaking: In recent years we’ve seen (smelled) the KFC candle, ready to fill your home with the scent of fried chicken, as well as the White Castle slider candle, bringing the horror of the late-night drive-thru right into your own home. Pizza, french fries—there’s even a Stinky Candle company that offers a burrito version (customer reviews: one star).

But we doubt that any of these efforts sold out as quickly as the recent series of candles inspired by A1 Steak Sauce. Announced just last week, the $14.99 A1 candles in “burger,” backyard bbq,” and “original meat” flavors sold out quickly, as everyone searching for an unusual grad or father’s day present breathed a sigh of relief and ordered them online.

The A1 “meat scents” website now hosts a message that says: “Glad you loved them! We may have run out of candles, BUT [sic] who knows, they might even return in time for that other super special, saucesome occasion!” Great, now we have to imagine what a “saucesome” occasion might be (Labor Day?). But we’d certainly be willing to try these out, whatever the Hallmark or bank holiday, from a morbid curiosity standpoint alone.