Tired of cooking? Get creative with rum instead


Welcome to a special Friday bonus edition of What’s In The House?, our video series on how to cook when you’re not a cook. Or maybe you’re an intermediate cook, and you just need some inspiration. That’s the perfect way to describe Stephanie, The Takeout’s intrepid casting director who’s been spending quarantine all alone in her aunt and uncle’s house, using up the odds and ends in their pantry and whatever’s still good in the fridge.

Today, though, Stephanie’s not even going to bother with the stove. It’s Friday, so why not experiment with beverages instead? Her aunt and uncle’s liquor cabinet turns out to have a weirdly high concentration of Captain Morgan, so let’s venture to not-Stephanie’s-kitchen and see what magic it can make. Disclaimer: measuring your shots is probably a better idea than eyeballing them when you’re already tipsy.


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TampaBabaYaga 2021 Edition

I am LOVING this series. I’ve never had Fruity Pebbles, but they did feature heavily in a dream I had the other night after watching the ‘simple lunch’ episode.

Also? Yes! For whatever the hell stupid reason people seem to love to bring rum to parties. In January of 2019 I was remodeling my kitchen and while clearing out my bar and various cupboards I think I ended up with about 8 different bottles of rum or varying sizes. I think five were Bacardi silver, probably two Captain Morgan’s and maybe a Sailor Jerry? I consolidated the Bacardis into a handle and a fifth. Donated the handle to my department’s “happy hour drawer” and then put the remaining in one of the crystal decanters. I mean, I do use rum, I live in Florida so it’s sort of required but not enough to justify eight bottles. But I do like to make from scratch mojitos and old school Cuban style lime daquiris. Now I’m down to a fifth of Bacardi and a new bottle of The Real McCoy. It is Friday, it is beautiful out... maybe one of those lime daquiris is required.