Tim Tebow superfan creates tribute sandwich that’s just a wee bit obsessive

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The Binghamton Rumble Ponies have already gotten something special from the arrival of their newest left fielder, and it’s not a home run (though they got one of those, too): a new local menu option. The arrival of the once-and-former football-thrower inspired Matthew Jones, chef/owner of Burger Mondays Bar & Grille, to create a dish in Tebow’s honor. It’s something he seems to have been shockingly well-prepared for, calling on his totally normal amount of Tebow-related dietary information to build a wrap which he’s fittingly named “The Tebow.”

The chef told 12 News WBNG that he took his cue from Tebow’s childhood birthday tacos, which his mother would make with turkey and steak. Using this completely average amount of insight into a famous guy’s youthful meal preferences, he began to build the wrap, which also incorporates aspects of the athlete’s “high fat, moderate protein, low-carb low sugar diet,” about which Jones learned, according to WBNG, in an article he read this one time. The result is a dish made with lightly seasoned Delmonico steak, avocado, red onions, heirloom tomatoes, field-greens, and a sauce made from Greek yogurt and infused with chili and herbs. Tebow, Jones casually informed WBNG, eats a lot of plain greek yogurt and four avocados daily, which is absolutely information that a non-obsessed person would have.


If the above doesn’t seem to be, ah, detailed enough for you, you should know that Jones also uses Avocados From Mexico, a brand for which Tebow is a spokesperson. And to hammer the point home, he also plans to donate a dollar from each sandwich sold to Tim Tebow’s foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation. I must admit that the wrap sounds both delicious and low-level terrifying.

If nothing else, we can all agree that birthday tacos should be a regular thing, right?