Good-natured Canadian Tim Hortons reopens 400 roadside locations for truck drivers

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Photo: NurPhoto (Getty Images)

Tim Hortons is standing up for the essential workers of Canada by providing two critical resources: coffee and toilets.


Since mid-March, the popular chain of the Great White North has provided only drive-thru and takeout services, just like most fast food restaurants these days. This has provided a problem for truck drivers who are working through the coronavirus crisis and are looking for a place to rest, use the bathroom, and recaffeinate. To give drivers a place to refresh, Tim Hortons has re-opened 400 locations along Canadian highways. This is a very thoughtful and Canadian thing to do.

“We salute them, we thank them for their tireless work,” the company said in a statement. “We made it a priority to address these issues and we continue to work on how we can better serve truck drivers and all guests.” Leave it to Tim Hortons, creators of the 52-oz “Mom-size coffee,” to do the good people of Canada a solid.

Things aren’t entirely business as usual, though, as the coronavirus outbreak calls for near-constant handwashing. Tim Hortons says it’s sanitizing restrooms every 15 minutes and working on a curbside ordering system to maintain social distancing guidelines. Just make sure you stay at least a hockey stick away from each other up there, mes amis.


They could do one better: They could just leave a stack of cups outside and you can piss in it yourself. 2 birds, one stone. AND don’t worry, there are lots of cups so you can still throw it in the ditch when you’re done.

Seriously though. Fuck Tim Hortons.