This purse from Tillamook holds all kinds of cheddar

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Let me just reach into my cheese purse for some cheese.
Let me just reach into my cheese purse for some cheese.
Photo: Tillamook

Back when I left my house, I was a strong believer in packing a snack. House keys? Check. Asthma inhaler? Check. Granola bar, string cheese, or Teddy Grahams travel pack? Check, check, check. After all, you never know when you’re going to get the midday rumblies. Someday, I’ll leave my house again. And when that happens, I’ll haul my snacks in style—thanks to a limited-edition plastic cheese purse from Tillamook that has recently caught my cheesy eye.

Known as the Baby Loaf Bag, the purse is just big enough to hold one baby loaf of Tillamook cheese and also maybe some stray bobby pins. According to a press release sent to The Takeout, the purse is part of the the Oregon dairy co-op’s upcoming “Cheddar Capsule,” a robust merch collection that drops on February 13 (National Cheddar Day, if you didn’t know). The capsule is “an exclusive collection of items designed for people that may want a plastic purse to carry a loaf of cheese around.” Basically, cheese enthusiasts. The Cheddar Capsule collection also includes:

  • A cheddar-inspired tie-dye sweatsuit for cheesy lounging
  • A “Squeaky Curds” dog toy
  • Nail polish in a “medium cheddar shade”
  • The Mother Loaf, a 40-pound block of Tillamook cheddar cheese that unfortunately will not fit in the Baby Loaf Bag

I... I won’t lie, I like it. I have mixed feelings on branded merch, but Tillamook’s status as a farmer-owned co-op makes me much more likely to sport a branded beanie or, yes, carry a cheese purse. The Cheddar Capsule drops on Tillamook’s online store at 8 a.m. PT on Saturday, February 13.