TIL the names for the 3 parts of a Big Mac bun

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What I learned

The three individual bun pieces that make up a Big Mac each have a name. The bottom is the heel, the middle is the club, and the sesame seed-flecked top is the crown.



Several years ago, I found out the technical terms for the bottom and top half of a burger bun is known, respectively, as the heel and crown. What I didn’t know was the middle bun had a name as well. I came across this site called Instructables that showed how a Big Mac is constructed at McDonald’s. Under step one, there’s a picture of a toaster that heats up the buns, and the middle bun is clearly marked “CLUB.”

Bonus trivia

Did you know there are four Chicken McNugget shapes? They are the ball, boot, bowtie, and the bell. The bell shape is clearly superior.

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Shake Your Boudin

This is as good a place as any to go on record about this - the quarter pounder with cheese is at least a bajillion times better than the Big Mac. Heck, I’d be tempted to go with the two cheeseburger combo over the Big Mac.