TikTok chef discovers the joy of hotel room cooking

Some see a basic hotel room. Others see... a kitchen.
Some see a basic hotel room. Others see... a kitchen.
Photo: Barry Winiker (Getty Images)

You think you have it bad stuck at home? Stop your whining—at least you have a kitchen (probably). Jago Randles was trapped in a Vancouver hotel room for two weeks. Randles is a chef by profession—he was on his way from his native Cornwall, UK, to a job at a resort in Whistler, he told The Washington Post, and therefore needed to quarantine. You might think that he would have welcomed the opportunity for a break, but chefs gotta chef. And Randles happened to be traveling with an enormous duffel bag full of cooking equipment.


So he used the cooking materials available to him: the steam iron and the coffeemaker. With these two humble appliances, he managed to produce a series of cheffy meals. Naturally, he took videos of his cooking and posted them on TikTok.

During his period of quarantine, Randles produced, among other things, a bacon cheeseburger, chicken tacos, eggs benedict, crème brûlée with caramelized strawberries and chocolate shavings, and, the pièce de résistance, sous vide bacon-wrapped chicken in a mushroom cream sauce.

TikTok commentary ranged from duly impressed to appalled sympathy for Randles’ hotel room neighbors who had to smell all that stuff and the next guest who would have to make coffee in a machine that had previously been used for steaming asparagus. Others warned of potentially unsanitary conditions, particularly involving the iron. (Randles was careful to cover it with parchment paper before using it as a heat source.) Randles told the Post that he’s had no complaints from the hotel management so far. Who knows what he will prepare today?

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My stove has been out of commission and I just want to point out you can get an electric burner on Amazon for $12. No need to use an iron for anything food related at all.

Similarly, an electric kettle can also be had for under $15 if you don’t need the bells and whistles.

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