New “throw bars” cater to people who like breaking shit

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If you find standard bar entertainment—watching TV, engaging in polite conversation, perusing the jukebox—too docile, allow us to alert you to the existence of Throw Nation, a bar for angry people. (We assume you are already aware of rage yoga.)


Opening in Elmhurst, Illinois, Throw Nation calls itself the first “throw bar” in the Chicago area, joining a few others that exist in New York including Break Bar NYC and The Rage Cage. These are the times we live in. This is who we are now: Just a bunch of mega pissed-off people paying money to drink and break shit. 2019, with a bow on top.

At Throw Nation, which also has a location in Columbus, Ohio, guests can throw balls at porcelain plates, pound nails into wood, aim axes at walls, and throw footballs at bowling pins. The Daily Herald reports the bar refers to itself as part of the trend toward “competitive socializing,” citing other types of activities like mud runs and escape rooms.


At NYC’s Break Bar, guests can smash their glasses against surfaces (including images of public figures), and for a separate fee, people can join The Wrecking Club which allows them to go full Office Space on “printers, monitors, flat screen TVs, office phones, key boards, a variety of dishes.” Yes, there are beer and cocktails offered at these bars. Closed-toe shoes are encouraged.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.



At a regional Burning Man a few years ago, someone brought as their “art project” an old car to smash. They parked it on a tarp in the woods, left a sledgehammer and a few other tools, and that was it. Watching other people smash it up was one of the most surreally fun experiences I’ve ever had (I was a bit too far gone to do much damage myself)