The Rock probably wants to know what you had for lunch

 Dwayne Johnson leaves ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ at the Ed Sullivan Theater on July 11.
Dwayne Johnson leaves ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ at the Ed Sullivan Theater on July 11.
Photo: James Devaney/ (GC Images/Getty Images)

The cast of the new movie Skyscraper is making the talk show rounds this week, leading to some interesting revelations about star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his relationship with food. First, Esquire reports, Neve Campbell, who plays Johnson’s wife in the movie, told Stephen Colbert that the actor was extremely inquisitive about what she would have for lunch: “Every time you go have a meal, you go and see him and he says, ‘What did you have?’ You say, ‘I had a salad.’ ‘What did you have in your salad?’ ‘Feta cheese.’ ‘What else?’ ‘Tomatoes.’ ‘What else?’ ‘Salmon.’ ‘How’d you have the salmon?’ It’s like the weirdest thing. He’s obsessed with other people’s food. It’s like porn for him.” It’s not like the Rock wasn’t also enjoying food himself, as Campbell reports that he has to eat about every two hours to maintain the massive physique he’s famous for.

Perhaps we should we all tell the Rock what we’re eating, then! For example, I had a bacon-potato handpie and ginger limeade from local bakery Baker Miller for breakfast. Johnson would probably approve, as the next night he told Colbert why he dearly loves Waffle House: “Back when he was living like a nomad, wrestling in flea markets and used car dealerships, and making only $40 a match, he said he ate at Waffle House three times a day.” As Waffle House then pointed out on Twitter, “there’s a chance if you eat with us 3 times a day you could look like Dwayne Johnson.”

Frankly, out on another blockbuster tour right on the heels of April’s Rampage, Dwayne Johnson at least gives us something to look forward to in the multiplex that’s not just comic-book-themed. Hopefully right now he’s eating a lunch consisting of whatever the hell he wants.

Hey readers, we assume The Rock is a huge fan of The Takeout, so let’s share our Friday lunches, shall we?

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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Allison Shoemaker

Dear Mr. The Rock, I’m having mermaid salad and a cauliflower & broccoli patty from TJ’s with some fancy-ass mustard.