All hail the King’s Hand, Twitter's latest culinary shitpost

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Image of fully baked King's Hand covered in M&Ms
Photo: @thatfrood

Some culinary purists believe that just because you can bake or cook something doesn’t mean you should. Those people are losers. We here at The Takeout love deranged culinary experiments and agree that the joy of cooking doesn’t always have to culminate in something edible. Enter our current darling: King’s Hand, a hollow hand with an M&M cookie shell and a robust Greek salad filling.

King’s Hand is the brainchild of Twitter user @thatfrood, who reportedly dreamed about the food, concocted the recipe upon waking, and shared it—where else—on social media.


Like many kingly endeavors, preparing King’s Hand takes a bit of work. “First, you will need to make a mold of a hand,” tweeted @thatfrood. “For this I used food grade silicon putty safe up to 400 deg. I ordered it online. It takes an hour to go solid.” The user filled the mold with standard M&M cookie dough, carefully adding M&Ms for nails and knuckles.


Finally, you hollow out the mold, freeze it, prepare a classic Greek salad, and fill the hollowed-out mold with the salad. Then you feast, basking in your kingly creation. It’s the perfect fuel for other kingly activities like surveying your fourth-floor walk-up kingdom or forgetting to clean out your cat’s litter box.


Naturally, King’s Hand sparked a few takes. Twitter user @FienMien called it “very cursed,” while @JodySchaeffer12 described it as “literally the worst thing 2020 has done.” Others attempted their own spin on the dish, with @gracieelectric tweeting “the onion kinda does something I’m not gonna lie.” Criticism aside, a true king pays no mind to the opinions of the unenlightened. “A lot of people told me to get out of the house so I’m happy to tell them I went backpacking up north in Minnesota this weekend,” King’s Hand creator @thatfrood told me via Twitter DM. “I wasn’t mauled by a single bear, shot by a hunter or snowed in, so I have to assume God likes King’s Hand and the haters are wrong.” Huzzah!