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Virtual ice cream shop lets you send free pints to your friends

Illustration for article titled Virtual ice cream shop lets you send free pints to your friends
Photo: Mila Araujo (Getty Images)

It’s free ice cream day, everybody! That’s right, I said free ice cream. Are there caveats? Of course there are. But when there’s free ice cream involved, it’s perfectly acceptable to game the system.


Today’s offer comes courtesy of The Ice Cream Shop, a new virtual store that delivers pints of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum, Breyer’s, Good Humor, and Talenti via third party delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates.

Starting today, for a limited time, you can send a free pint of ice cream “as a gift” to anyone you’ve been missing during quarantine by putting “your friend’s” address into your Postmates app, adding “their” favorite ice cream to your cart, and using the promo code SENDAPINT. This offer is available through May 27 or while supplies last, but seriously, how can a virtual business called The Ice Cream Shop run out of ice cream? Unless this whole “fine print” situation is meant to be some sort of personal John Henry-esque challenge, in which case, I accept.

Allison Robicelli is The Takeout staff writer, a former professional chef, author of three books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Questions about recipes/need cooking advice? Tweet @Robicellis.

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