The A.V. Club eats booze-infused “Drunkin Donuts”

Illustration for article titled iThe A.V. Club/i eats booze-infused “Drunkin Donuts”

A product that unites booze with fattening baked goods is not exactly a hard sell for The A.V. Club. So when the folks at The Drunkin Donut sent us a few samples of their alcohol-infused desserts, we were game to try them out, even if a bit of assembly was required. When you order from The Drunkin Donut, they send you a box of glazed donuts and tubes with your choice of frosting (with little cold packs to keep them fairly fresh). Then you put the final product together yourself, squeezing a tower of frosting onto the pristine donuts. Sonia Saraiya, Josh Modell, and I recently dug into a Drunkin Donut care package, and our reactions are rendered below as a motion picture you can play in your Internet browser.

It got messy—I spent the latter half of the shoot wishing I could go wash my hands. Beyond the donuts, we also tried an alcohol-infused amaretto brownie, and a likewise boozy truffle.


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Spacemonkey Mafia

As a ritual to keep my daughter from going bugnuts crazy when I comb her hair, we enjoy Youtube videos of Japanese candy making kits while I try and yank the snarls out of her head.
The videos really demonstrate the Japanese love of cultivation and presentation because they spend a fantastic amount of time blending and sculpting these little fake meals out of water and sugar powder that probably yields three tiny, flavorless bites.
Hundreds and hundreds of videos of clean, delicate hands primly constructing these miniature confections.
Recklessly squeezing a mound of boozy frosting over a giant, iced donut seems like the perfect American counterpoint to this trend.