The A.V. Club ate Doritos ice cream

When we read about Coolhaus’ more random flavors, including “Netflix”—a flavor that boasts “a white cheddar popcorn-infused base” and Doritos—we knew we had to try them. (Also: We really like free ice cream.) Thankfully, the good people at Coolhaus were nice enough to oblige, sending us a cooler full of flavors including, but not limited to, Netflix, Balsamic Fig And Mascarpone, Green Juice, and Fast Food, a flavor that blends a “salted Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate malt balls,” and “french fry crisps.” We mowed through them in our janky studio one hot Friday afternoon, leaving only sticky cartons and this picture of John Teti registering his distaste for Green Juice in our wake:

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I was saying Boo-urns

My main takeaway here is that I can order individual bags of Doritos on Amazon. My reasons for ever leaving the house are quickly dwindling.