Restaurant shuts down after world’s worst co-workers allegedly sprinkle laxative on pizza

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A Mr. Jim’s Pizza location in the North Texas town of Springtown was shut down last week after three employees allegedly sprinkled a laxative onto the pizza. The CBS affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth reports that the criminal masterminds were caught when a resident alerted police after finding out the laxative plans via social media.


When police visited the restaurant after the citizen’s heads-up, they found Miralax on a pizza. This pizza was not apparently served to the public, just to one unfortunate co-worker, who is now sick. The city health inspector then pulled Mr. Jim’s health permit; the restaurant is being reevaluated today. The CBS affiliate says that no charges have yet been filed against these mean co-workers, but we have to suspect that they’re getting fired, right?

Granted, no food worker should be putting any non-food items into the food they’re preparing. But in this day and age, even in the kitchen those workers should realize that word travels fast on the internet. Like the Detroit Tigers employee who received probation after being shown spitting into a pizza in an Instagram video, or the Pita Pit employee who was fired after getting caught spitting into a customer’s food on video. Not only is putting something disgusting into food as a food worker a terrible idea for a lot of reasons—but it seems pretty likely that you’ll get caught.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


I worked for years at a service co that repaired restaurant equipment. Our shop foreman would not eat in restaurants because of what we had seen as to the state of the food prep equipment and kitchens. Thanks the Gods for idiots and social media, may they never part, at least we’ll get a heads up now and again on shenanigans of this ilk.