Indeed, it seems harmless at first, but it proceeds to invade your innards immediately upon consumption with an unbearable, cringe-inducing bitterness that sticks with you for a worrying amount of time. (It also began to eat its way through our paper cups, which was even scarier.) Words do little to communicate how vile Malört truly is, and as proof we aren't just a bunch of namby-pambies, here's roughly 200 reaction shots to ingesting this hateful demon-drink on the "Malört face" Flickr pool.


Office reactions:

· [Wincing.] "It's foul. I think people in prison make better alcohol than this."


· "It tastes like extreme dirt. Not just dirt, but dirt that's been super-charged."

· "It tastes like poison. Real poison."

· "Don't get me wrong: This shit is awful, but I expected instant revulsion from my whole being. But really, the alcohol taste is so overwhelming that you don't get anything at first. Then it just lingers and strengthens on your tongue."


· "It's been a few minutes now, and I still kind of have the shakes. That's a bad sign."

· "It's exactly like eating a tire fire."

· "It has an initial nail-polish-remover flavor, and then… nothing. Then it tastes like a cigarette got put out on your tongue."


· "It kind of settles into the back of your mouth and then crawls down your throat like an acidic slug."

· "If someone offers you a shot of this, start running. This person is not your friend. A.V. Club writers excepted."


· "I can feel my tongue getting numb. It's like my mouth is creating a defense mechanism against a second sip."

· "Reminds me of that time I chewed a Tylenol Gelcap. It puts a little stain on your soul that won't wash off."


· "Ah! It tastes like death!" [Runs around the room looking for something to replace the taste.]

Where to find it: for $15.99 plus shipping, but only if you've exhausted slower methods of killing your liver.