Driving an RV backwards into a Taco Bell drive thru works as well as you’d expect

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Some people love Taco Bell to such an extent that seemingly nothing can stop them from living más: Not a blood alcohol level way over the legal limit, not the fact they’re driving an oversize RV that can’t fit through a drive thru—not even a bright red “DO NOT ENTER” sign. When your body tells you that it needs a chalupa, it’s also telling you that you need to do whatever it takes to get that chalupa and that anything—anything—is possible. Unfortunately for a woman in Kennewick, Washington, everything her body was telling her was 100% wrong.


MyNorthwest reports that shortly after midnight last Friday, Kennewick police got a call from the local Taco Bell informing them that an RV had gotten stuck in the drive-thru after driving in through the exit, making a sharp right turn, and wedging itself up against the corner of the building. When officers arrived they asked the driver to provide her license and registration; she then re-entered the vehicle to look for the documents, but then quickly gave up and attempted to take a nap on the RV’s couch. She was then arrested and booked into jail.

It is currently unclear as to how the RV was removed after being tightly wedged in the drive thru, or whether nacho cheese was used as a lubricant.

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Seems like it didn’t drive backwards though. She probably would have cleared the apex if she had driven it backwards.

Taco Bell should be legally required to have a late-night walk-up window, with armored glass like the old school ones here in LA. Not all fast food needs to, but Taco Bell definitely needs this. “Hey drunkies and stoners, wobble up to the window and avoid getting a DUI. Excuse us, another DUI.”