Sweet justice: Milwaukee bakery prints robbery suspect’s face on cookies, perp gets nabbed

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cookies with face masks on
Not the cookies that were used to capture the suspect
Photo: picture alliance / Contributor (Getty Images)

Sometimes solving a crime takes a bit of creativity and some sweet, sweet, knowhow. A bakery in Milwaukee that fell victim to a recent robbery, decided to take justice into its own hands, by coming up with an extremely creative way of locating the suspect.

FOX 6 in Milwaukee reports that an employee showed up to work at Canfora-Lakeside Bakery and discovered that the cash drawer in the register was missing, to the tune of about $200. After cops reviewed the surveillance footage, they discovered the suspect had been casing the joint and then showed up later with gloves and a face mask, which isn’t suspicious at all. He was able to remove a lockbox from a wall and then enter the bakery through the side door. Video also caught him removing the cash drawer from the register—and a pretty clear photo of his face.


This is where things get awesome. The owner of the bakery took the photo released by the police, digitized it, then printed it onto cookies—which I’m assuming tasted like justice—and sold them. People took notice and the stunt worked: On April 26, a police officer recognized the suspect based off of photos he’d seen online, and a few days later, another local business owner was able to positively identify the robber as 45-year-old Dominic Kolp.

On May 9, police busted Kolp at a hotel, but not before he tried to get away by jumping off a second-floor balcony. His little stunt backfired and he was arrested. He made his first court appearance last Saturday, May 15, and is due back for a preliminary hearing later this month. I’ve never tasted justice before, but in this case, I’m sure it’s sweet.