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As if the universal healthcare, low poverty, minimal income equality, robust economy, high standard of living, 16 month parental leave, effective prison system, top rated educational system (and free college tuition), minimum five weeks annual paid vacation for every worker, mandatory cinnamon roll breaks every afternoon and the gosh dang aurora-freaking-borealis weren’t enough to rub our American noses in, Sweden has also made their McDønald’s progressive AF.

To combat climate change—which no surprise is taken quite seriously by a country with a near 100% literacy rate—the Swedes have ambitiously set a goal to be a completely carbon neutral country by 2045. Electric car sales are rising, but according to a survey conducted by McDønald’s, 48% of drivers say it’s hard for them to find charging stations on the road. McDønald’s currently has 55 charging stations installed at their roadside locations, and intends to install another 167 over the course of the next three years. This is a great thing for the environment, and a pretty great business strategy. Swedes might not always need McNuggets, but they most certainly will always need McElectricity.


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