Subway UK will toss potato chips on, in, and around your sandwich

Subway employee sprinkling chips over sandwich
Photo: Subway / PinPep

Today I learned about the “crisp sandwich,” one of Britain’s most ingenious small pleasures. It is, quite simply, potato chips (“crisps,” if you’re reading this from a toilet in Buckingham Palace) stacked inside a sandwich. And now Subway UK is leaning into the grand tradition by adding Walkers crisps to its selection of customizable sandwich, wrap, and salad toppings starting today, April 7.


According to a press release sent to The Takeout, the appropriate terminology is “crisp in” (inside the sandwich) and “crisp out” (on the side). Guests can add chips/crisps to any six-inch or footlong sub, wrap, or salad when ordering in store until the promotion ends on May 23. (Quick note that customers can still order crisps on the side after May 23; they’ll just have to add their own crisps to the sandwich post-purchase.)

As far as I can tell, Subway UK is milking some real meaning out of this one. By collaborating with Walkers Ready Salted Crisps, Subway is, it boasts in the press release, “bringing the unique British delicacy to the high street.” The promotion even has vaguely political undertones: as Walkers’ marketing director Fernando Kahane adds, “As a nation, we may not agree on everything, but we are united in the fact that a lunchtime sandwich without crisps is just not the same.” It’s a lovely sentiment, but it still doesn’t answer my big question: is the Queen allowed to eat crisp sandwiches, or does that go against royal protocol?

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“crisps,” if you’re reading this from a toilet in Buckingham Palace

But what are they called if I’m sitting on the loo somewhere in the East End?