Subway memes teach us all how to be better customers

Subway employee handing off a footlong sub over the counter
Photo: Newscast/Universal Images Group (Getty Images)

Some of the best memes on the internet are those generated by people in the service industry. If you’ve ever worked as a server/drive-thru attendant/sandwich artist/etc., then you know that Reddit, Tumblr, and just about every other social media platform overfloweth with everyone’s best efforts to encapsulate the experience of dealing with customers. And if you’ve only ever been on the customer side of these transactions, it’s like being a fly on the wall, hearing yourself being gossiped about. Today on BuzzFeed, there’s a fun list of all the things Subway employees hate about dealing with Subway customers. Take this as your opportunity to learn to be a better patron!


Some of the memes could apply to pretty much any fast food joint, not just Subway. For instance, no employee wants to be asked, “Are you closed?” when the franchise in question is most definitely closed. And nobody has ever appreciated when a customer launches into reciting their order at top speed before the worker even has a chance to station themselves in front of the assembly line. But some of them are pretty Subway-specific, and those are the real delights—for example, customers who order a 6-inch sub and then freak out when you begin slicing into a footlong loaf.

Interestingly, some of the Subway memes speak to customer behaviors that I never even knew were either disrupting or needlessly complicating my sandwich artist’s day. Did you know that it’s best to order avocado at a particular point in the transaction? Or that ordering a chopped salad slows workers down during the lunch rush? These are good lessons that I can carry with me the next time I order at Subway! And when it comes to being a conscientious orderer, let us remind you that it’s always best to avoid the $5 footlong altogether.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.


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You know, I have a pretty low bar for acceptable food. I love me some taco bell. I will eat anything off the mcdonald’s menu without complaint. Old pizza on the counter? If it’s not moldy it’s probably fine. If it is moldy it probably won’t kill you.

I still don’t eat at subway.