Dat is vet! Stroopwafels return to United flights

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Six months ago, disappointed United Airlines customers learned that the airline was discontinuing the widely popular airline snack, the Dutch-born stroopwafel. You can keep your pretzels and allergy-triggering peanuts: the delicious snack of two waffle-like wafers sandwiching caramel, the unofficial cookie of the Netherlands, was the perfect accompaniment to your in-air chardonnay and/or Xanax to ward off flying jitters. (While the round shape of the stroopwafel was intended to fit on top of a warm coffee cup to melt the caramel inside, it also works conveniently as the roof an adult beverage.) The maple wafer that United offered instead was a poor substitute.

Now, the Chicago Tribune reports, 2019 is off to a promising start with United’s announcement that it will once again offer stroopwafels mid-flight.


Unsurprisingly, the stroopwafel’s legion of fans are rejoicing, looking forward to the return of the arguably best plane snack this month.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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I have to confess, I REALLY like those maple wafers, too. But they’re just not stroopwaffel.

Biscoffs are another one of those tastes that there is simply no substitute for on a long flight. <3 What is it about airplane cookies that make us get so irrationally attached? The captive-audience effect? The fact that you can’t get them in regular stores? The fact that you only get 2?