Starbucks is apparently out of those color-changing cups, so quit asking, okay?

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Despite the usual fanfare over its festive cup designs, Starbucks released a collection of five color-changing plastic cups a bit under the radar, without even an official press release on its website. The five cute cup-and-matching-straw sets retailed for about $20, and came with a discount when you use one of the cups to get a refill.


The cups were so cute, in fact, that they sold out quickly. Now fatigued baristas are worn out from answering a way-too familiar question:


But some people do not seem ready to give up on the color-changing cups quest, as—like the proverbial unicorn—there appear to be a few still out there somewhere in the wild.


Fortunately for color-cup fans who have extra cash, there’s eBay, where that original $20 pack of cups can now go for as much as $100. Some individual cups (opened? used?) are retailing around $30.

However, someone from Starbucks told Today “that the coffee chain plans to restock the cups throughout the summer season at locations nationwide.” We suggest snatching them up as quickly as possible, either to keep for yourself or to sell to help pad your vacation fund.


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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Lol. It’s hilarious seeing these people bitch about their job for the tiniest things. Like talking to people is half of your job. You are upset because too many people are asking you a question?

I have had jobs where my boss asked me to do something illegal. I have had jobs where my boss asked me to do something in half the time it would take to physically do that job. I’ve had jobs where my boss threatened me with bodily harm. That is shit you can complain about.