Starbucks holiday cups land on “Starbucks” theme this year

Image for article titled Starbucks holiday cups land on “Starbucks” theme this year

Hark! Unto us, a venti is born. For the 22nd holiday season in a row, Starbucks has graced the hot-beverage-drinking world with a new line of seasonal cups, the theme of which appears this year to be: Starbucks. Please hold your applause till the end.


These cups, such a meta-rendering of the holiday tradition, are nothing short of art. And what staggering, challenging works they are! The second-from-the-left cup above comes right up to the brink of a non-secular greeting with the phrase “MERRY COFFEE,” a risk that pays dividends of laughter and delight. The tumble of letters on the right-hand cup is similarly playful; the prevalence of “UCK”s might first look profane, but it’s nothing more than a trick of the eye (a commentary, surely, on the human need to suffuse objects with meaning). The middle cup’s polka dots are sporadically interrupted by a sprinkling of half a dozen Starbucks logos, a subtle nod to the object’s purpose and intention. With this exhibition of new cups, Starbucks has made the artistically bold choice, at a time of year when there is so much to celebrate, to celebrate the very notion of Starbucks itself.

Okay, now you may applaud.



These aren’t sufficiently blasphemous for my annual orgy of Solstice christian bashing.

Of course, I still haven’t been able to find a true christian to sacrifice to the dark gods in the teeming masses of evangelical hypocrites that are busy ruining the world now.

Maybe next year.